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Testimonial of S. B.
Thank you so much for all of your help, advice, and time with my contract.

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The insurance company offered me a low settlement

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City, victim complete $2M accident settlement

Durham settles negligence suit for $2 million

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Landlords and Pitbulls, Part 3
Maryland court finds pit bulls are 'inherently dangerous' –

Landlords and Pitbulls, Part 2
Pit bull ruling outrages rescue groups, owners. – CBS News

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Michael Kornbluth and J. Michael Genest will be speaking on December 10, 2013
Michael Kornbluth and J. Michael Genest will be speaking on December 10, 2013

Micahel Kornbluth elected to the Labor & Employment Section Council of the North Carolina Bar Association (NCBA)
Michael Kornbluth, Managing Partner of Taibi Kornbluth Law Group, P.A., has been elected to the Labor & Employment ...
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Wilco Re-Hires Employee Fired After Talking To Police

21 Feb 2003

DURHAM, N.C. — WilcoHess, LLC and Cynthia Sherlin announced Friday that they have resolved the matter involving Sherlin's recent discharge from employment after she helped police apprehend a fugitive.
Although precise terms of the resolution are confidential, Sherlin and WilcoHess acknowledged the following:
• Sherlin will receive a monetary payment for the difficulties she has encountered since her discharge.
• Sherlin will be reinstated to a position with WilcoHess involving security and risk management.

• She will not be assigned to any particular store, and she will help the company implement and enforce new policies and procedures to help ensure proper management of security and related incidents that may arise.
Last December, Sherlin informed Durham police that an escaped prisoner was at the WilcoHess store where she worked. Police recaptured the prisoner.
WilcoHess terminated Sherlin on Dec. 16, saying it was the safe thing to do after threats were made to the store following the recapture.
Steve Williams, president and chief executive officer of WilcoHess in Winston-Salem, said the company apologized to Sherlin for terminating her.
"Ms. Sherlin's aiding the police was the right thing to do," Williams said. "We did not handle this appropriately, and, for that, we sincerely apologize to Ms. Sherlin.
"We made mistakes and are trying to correct them."
Through her attorney, Michael Kornbluth of Durham, Sherlin said she was satisfied with the resolution of the matter.
Kornbluth acknowledged that WilcoHess offered the new position and that it went a long way toward restoring his client's trust in the company.
"When a corporation can admit its mistakes, learn from them and move forward in a positive manner, then we certainly support those efforts," Kornbluth said. "Ms. Sherlin is very pleased with the settlement, and we believe the situation has been corrected."